A man threw his partner to the ground, punched and headbutted her.
A man threw his partner to the ground, punched and headbutted her. Monique Preston

Woman thrown to ground, punched and headbutted

A BOWEN man who threw his partner to the ground, punched her and headbutted her, has been jailed for 12 months but given immediate parole.

The 20-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty in Bowen Magistrates Court to assault occasioning bodily harm, two counts of contravening a domestic violence order, committing public nuisance and 10 breaches of bail.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Emma Myors told the court the man and his partner ran into each other on the corner of George and Herbert streets in Bowen at 2am on May 25.

The man wanted to use the woman's phone, but when she didn't let him, he "grabbed her on the upper arms and threw her to the ground,” Sgt Myors said.

He then told her "I'm going to hit you” and hit her several times, before walking away but later returning and headbutting her in the head.

The woman also had a protection order against the man that had a condition on it that he must be of good behaviour towards her.

Sgt Myors said the attack was a serious one.

"There was several punches and a headbutt,” she said.

The court was told that in a separate breach of the domestic violence order, the man returned home after a night out drinking on June 28 and demanded his partner find clothes for him.

He then called her "a dumb sl**” and said he was "going to put her in hospital”, Sgt Myors said.

He then came back and abused her a second time.

In yet another separate incident, the man was part of a disturbance at McDonald's in Bowen on June 28 at 10.30pm.

Sgt Myors told the court police had a person in their police van already when they arrived at the disturbance.

The court was told police had to take arrest another person and take them to the ground during the disturbance, and also use capsicum spray on the group.

While there, the man used abusive language and tried to release the boy who was in the police vehicle, Sgt Myors said.

The court also heard the man breached a bail curfew placed on him seven times and did not report to police as required by his bail three times.

Community Corrections also appeared before the court to say that the man had only done eight of the 60 hours community service he was given.

The man's solicitor Adam Mussap told the court his client had "a significant issue with alcohol”.

"As a result of drinking he becomes extremely aggressive,” he said.

Mr Mussap said the man had been in a "turbulent relationship” with his partner for two years.

He said the man considered the assault on his partner "the most regrettable thing he's ever done”.

Mr Mussap also told of how his client's dad was an "abusive alcoholic” who abused his mother.

However, he said his client wanted to do rehabilitation.

In sentencing the man, Magistrate James Morton took into account the fact he had spent 95 days in custody.

The man was sentenced to 12 months' jail for the assault occasioning bodily harm, as well as two one-month sentences for the breaches of the domestic violence order - to be served concurrently with the head sentence.

He was also fined $250 for the breach of the community services order and re-sentenced to a fine of $200.

He was also convicted but not punished further on all the breaches of bail and the public nuisance charge.

Mr Morton also set a parole release date of that day.

"Alcohol is a real issue for you,” he said.

"Keep your fists to yourself and try and get some assistance for your drinking.”