Mikayla Dederer has been jailed for fraud offences.
Mikayla Dederer has been jailed for fraud offences.

Woman’s brutal puppy scam destroys child’s birthday

A PREGNANT fraudster mum has been jailed after she ripped people off $6000 in her online activities.

Her mean-spirited criminal scams included taking $400 from one woman buying a puppy for her child's birthday.

No puppy arrived, Ipswich Magistrates Court heard.

With a shameful history of criminal behaviour detailed in court Mikayla Dederer, 25, from Woodend, pleaded guilty to 19 charges of fraud by dishonestly gaining a financial benefit; stealing a car battery at Gatton; doing wilful damage; and contravening a police direction.

As a result of her dishonesty she will give birth to her child inside a woman's jail.

Prosecutor Sergeant Chris O'Neill said Dederer was also subject to a suspended jail sentence imposed by Brisbane Magistrates Court for prior offences.

After receiving the suspended jail term she committed more frauds.

Sgt O'Neill said Dederer must serve jail time for her latest crimes. A total of $5953 was owed.

"The facts are disgraceful behaviour and portray predatory behaviour on the public. There is extensive history with similar frauds and dishonesty," Sgt O'Neill said.

Police sought a jail term of 18 months with Dederer to serve at least one-third.

The frauds involved non-existent tickets to music and sporting events, including Jonathan Thurston's last football game.

In July 2018 she stole from an auto parts store in Gatton.

Old trade-in batteries were left near a fence but CCTV showed a purple Ford Falcon stop, a female cut the wire fence and pick up the battery.

Dederer told police she sold the stolen battery for $4 of copper value to a scrap yard as she needed the money.

Defence barrister Carl Martinovic said Dederer instructed she was in a deep state of depression and suffering post-natal depression at the time.

She was off her medication when pregnant, the court heard.

Mr Martinovic conceded Dederer's conduct was "absolutely reprehensible" with Dederer knowing what she was doing was wrong.

He said she was now four months pregnant and as a mother she would be more productive in her rehabilitation if served in the community.

Mr Martinovic also outlined her "prejudicial upbringing".

Magistrate David Shepherd sentenced Dederer to 15 months jail with parole eligibility from June 15. He ordered that she pay restitution of $5953.

He also activated a previous suspended nine month jail sentence to be served concurrent.

Mr Shepherd said the circumstances of the offending could only be described as predatory.

"You took advantage of naïve and gullible people," he said.

"And (there's) no indication it will change."

Her frauds

- Dederer's scam victims include a mother from Kelso in NSW who advertised on Facebook to buy a puppy for her daughter's birthday

After an online conversation in July 2018 the woman paid $400 into a bank account supplied by Dederer who used the name 'April Tucker'.

But the puppy was never delivered for the child's birthday.

- In August 2018 a Queensland woman from Crowley Vale posted on Facebook marketplace looking to buy a puppy. Dederer, using the name Mary Scottish, sent the woman a text. The woman then paid $500 into a bank account.

She too never received the puppy.

- A Queensland man from Burdell saw her advertisement on Gumtree selling a puppy. He agreed to pay $1850 to include airfreight and paid $600 into her bank account. The puppy never arrived.

- A woman from Albany Creek was defrauded of $183 after she advertised on Gumtree she wanted to buy tickets to a music event - RnB Fridays Live. Dederer text her saying she had tickets and the woman paid $183 into her account. There was no ticket and the woman soon realised she had been scammed.

- A NSW woman from Adams Town Heights paid $650 into Dederer's account to buy two tickets to a music event. There were no tickets.

- A Queensland woman from Cannon Hill advertised on Gumtree to buy tickets to a Titans v Cowboys football game. Dederer text her saying she had tickets to sell for $150 and the woman paid $150 into her bank account. No tickets were sent.

- Dederer advertised on Facebook Messenger that she had tickets to sell to Jonathan Thurston's last football game. A Bardon man paid $360 into her account for tickets than he never received.

- A Raceview woman saw tickets to a music event advertised on Gumtree and transferred $325 into her bank account with Dederer agreeing to hand over the tickets in Toowoomba. The woman realised she'd been scammed when Dederer never showed at the Picnic Point meeting spot.

- A Moorooka man who also saw an Gumtree ad for a music event was scammed when he paid $325 into her bank account for a ticket that never arrived.

- A Redbank Plains man transferred $650 into her account for two music event tickets that Dederer advertised on Gumtree. He never received them.

- A man from Griffin posted an advertisement on Gumtree seeking to buy three tickets to the Gold Coast Titans v Townsville Cowboys game at CBUS Stadium. Dederer text him saying she had three tickets. He paid $150 but the tickets never arrived.

- A Carina woman paid $200 into her account to buy a ticket to a music event which she did not receive. A Broadbeach Waters woman paid $400 for two tickets to the same. A woman from Stafford Heights paid a partial payment of $75.

- In September 2018 she advertised tickets on Facebook Messenger to the Red Hot Summer Festival. A Drewvale man paid $775 into Dederer's account for his tickets to a music event that failed to materialise.

- A woman from Red Hill lost $400 that she paid into her account for tickets to a dance music event Listen Out.

- An Enoggera man paid $210 into her bank account to buy tickets to a Tivoli event.

The police investigation tracked the account banking details in all cases back to Mikayla Dederer.