Luke Gilligan caused a scene in Airlie Beach when he drink drove down the Main Street.
Luke Gilligan caused a scene in Airlie Beach when he drink drove down the Main Street. serggn

'Worst of the worst': Teen's car-crashing rampage in Airlie

A DRINK driver who wreaked havoc on a popular pedestrian strip has been told by a magistrate he was lucky he didn't kill someone.

Luke James Gilligan went on a car-crashing rampage when he drove his boss's car along Airlie Beach's Main St, crashing into a car and mounting the curb, then driving into a garden bed on August 22.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Sarah Rowe told Proserpine Magistrates Court the 18-year-old driver blew a blood alcohol reading of 0.246 when police later arrived, after concerned on-lookers stepped in and prevented Gilligan from driving away from the crash.

Magistrate James Morton scolded the teen, telling the court the actions of his first offence were a "disgrace” to the "highest extreme”.

"You have no idea how lucky you are nobody has been he hasn't ran over somebody and killed them is beyond me,” Mr Morton said.

"The facts read really bad - 28m of debris from the first car you hit and wrote off and then you ran into the garden bed.

"This is the worst of the worst. Lucky members of the public stepped in or you would have continued on your path of destruction.”

Gilligan pleaded guilty to three charges including failing to stop at the scene of the crash and high-range drink driving.

Solicitor Eilidh McCallum said Gilligan had recently moved to Airlie Beach and started a new job as an apprentice carpenter.

"He'd gone out for welcome drinks, which turned into dinner and things escalated from there,” she said.

"It was a one second bad decision that turned into a major issue.”

The court heard Gilligan's boss, who had also been drinking, handed his new employee his car keys, before jumping in a taxi and heading home, Mrs Rowe said.

"Gilligan has then gotten into the car and driven,” she said.

The owner of the parked car Gilligan crashed into has since entered into an agreement with Gilligan as he pays back $4800 in compensation.

Gilligan was also fined a total of $2500 and disqualified from driving for 12 months.