A 'CyberLife Android' performing several tasks on the streets of Sydney this week.
A 'CyberLife Android' performing several tasks on the streets of Sydney this week.

Would you trust an android to walk the dog?

WOULD you trust an android helper to watch the kids or walk the dog?

Probably not, based on the initial reaction of a social experiment showing Aussies reacting to an 'android' in Sydney.

To mark the launch of Detroit: Become Human on PS4™, PlayStation Australia turned a bloke into an android modelled on the in-game CyberLife Android protagonists designed by the game's creators, Quantic Dream.

The appearance and character of the CyberLife Android were brought to life using a trained actor and prosthetics by an internationally renowned Australian special makeup effects studio.

However, some on Facebook were not exactly kind when it came to how convincing the 'android' was.

Jordan Beard Cornell wrote:  "How is this a social experiment? This is literally a human in makeup lol it's not seeing how people react to androids. It's seeing how people react to humans in makeup."

Nick Robertson added:  "Isn't the idea behind the Androids in the game that they are pleasing on the eye and on the ear? If I opened the door to an android that looks like this.....well, I'd be closing it pretty quick before it pulls a gun."

Reactions from the public and their pooches were captured on video in response to the Cyberlife Android walking a dog and ordering a coffee for its owner.

The test showed an overwhelming response of mistrust and concern around the prospect of Android helpers in everyday life.

As the first phase of the experiment, PlayStation Australia created a callout on AirTasker for someone to help test a CyberLife Android.

In contrast to in-person reactions, the callout received over 250 applications and with a majority of positive responses.

Detroit: Become Human  is an interactive neo-noir thriller, set in the near-future metropolis of Detroit during the year 2038.

The city has been revjuvenated by the invention and introduction of androids into everyday life, but when androids start behaving as if they are alive, events begin to spin out of control.

As the PS4 player steps into the shoes of three distinct playable android characters, their decisions will dramatically alter how the game's intense, branching narrative plays out.