LETTER: Your rates now come with same-sex activism

BRISBANE City Council has climbed on board the same-sex marriage band wagon and will be calling on the federal government to redefine marriage.

Why is Australia's largest council pushing an agenda that should be left up to Australian voters?

How by any stretch of the imagination can this have anything to do with local government?

We recently had major corporations like Telstra and Qantas misusing their corporate influence to lobby for same-sex marriage, now we have a mega-council doing it as well.

What is it with these self-appointed champions of a 'brave' new order, using their size and organisational strength in an attempt to manipulate public opinion to advance their agendas?

These organisations may be extremely large and powerful, but they lack moral awareness and courage.

They seem desperate to avoid having a plebiscite, I suspect because they fear the Australian voter won't agree with them if allowed their say at the ballot box.

How about Council goes back to focusing its energies on roads, rubbish, and keeping rates as low as possible and not concern itself with issues that aren't their responsibility.



Candidate Family First