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Val Keevers

Date listed: 4/1/2020

In Remembrance of our Mum and Nana

Val Keevers

Taken From us 10 Years Ago

09/02/1935 to 01/01/2010

If we could have only one more day, only one more.

We would pickup the phone and tell you we love you.

We would thank you for loving us unconditionally. And we

would thank you for helping us to be us.

If we could have only one more day we would pray heaven

is everything you dreamt it to be.

We pray you're safe and free of pain and have met up with

your loved ones. We

pray you have heard every word we have said.

To our darling Mum, we will love you forever,

so be safe until we meet again.

You lived for those you loved and those you loved


Sadly missed and always loved your loving children

Kerry & Jenny, Robert, Gary, Kelvin & Leone,

Kaylean & Kerry and respective Grandchildren &

Great Grand Children

Publication: Daily News